Zappaty Works With Unity Developers Worldwide In First International Beta Test

Zappaty Works With Unity Developers Worldwide In First International Beta Test

Like most game tech, Zappaty was created by game developers looking to streamline their own internal ways of working.

Tim (CTO) and John (Joint CEO) were frustrated with the complete lack of simple and cost-effective collaboration and storage solutions that worked properly within games development.
After developing their own tool and using it internally for several years, John and Tim realised they had something powerful that was worth sharing with the wider community.

The essence of Zappaty is simple, it’s super easy, barely an inconvenience, to set up and get running. After setting Zappaty up you shouldn’t even notice it’s there. Regardless of where your team is based, you can collaborate in Unity on the same project and scene files in real-time.
Zappaty also constantly backs up and encrypts your game files using secure blockchain technology.

Indie games studios everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief as project collaboration and secure storage in the Unity editor is now possible with this game-changing technology.

Zappaty Features and Benefits

  • Game Object Locking: Lock individual game objects or a whole folder for exclusive real-time development.
  • Merges / Updates: Simply release changes once made to other users to ensure everyone is up to date.
  • Quick Set Up: The unique upload process adds an entire project to Zappaty simply and quickly.
  • Simple User Management: Quickly add users to your Unity project using unique access credentials.
  • Great for Contractors: Allow contractors access to what they need in your Unity project, and automatically revoke access as required.
  • Fully Hosted: Zappaty is a fully hosted solution, so you don’t need any local servers to get started.
  • Super Secure: All your data fully encrypted both in transit and at rest for extra peace of mind.
  • Cost-effective: You’ll only be charged for the space you use, meaning you won’t pay for features you don’t need.

A New Global Footprint

Following a local beta launch event in the autumn of 2021, Zappaty has seen continual steady growth across the games ecosystem.

In March 2022 Zappaty opened beta testing up to international indie game developers with a requirement for real-time collaboration in Unity.

In late April Zappaty will open beta testing up to a further 20 unity developers, including a mix of small indie teams of one/two/three people, teams of up to 50 people, and education providers teaching students how to develop and collaborate in the Unity engine.

Zappaty global footprint
Zappaty collaborates with Unity developers around the globe in first round of successful international Beta testing

Nazan Ünlütürk, Zappaty Chief Growth Officer said:

We’ve had such a busy and exciting first quarter! I joined the team in January this year and I’ve been so impressed with everyone’s passion and dedication.

After attending and speaking to many indie devs at some amazing events like PG Connects, Games Talks Live, and of course GDC, it’s evident that there’s still a huge need for simple collaboration and back-up in Unity for smaller teams.

I’m excited to continue connecting indie teams with the power behind Zappaty.

What Unity developers think of Zappaty so far

“The Unity integration in Zappaty is very good. It allows me to keep version control and development all in one place.”

“It was very easy and quick to set Zappaty up, add my Unity project, and add users to the project.”

“Being able to see which scene files are being worked on is a really nice feature, and it reduces the amount of back and forth between me and my team.”

“The simplicity to work on the same project between two or more people is great. I really like the object locking feature in the Unity editor too.”

“The file locking feature in Zappaty makes it easy makes it easy to notify others which files I’m working on. It’s really fast and easy to sync changes.”

Join Zappaty on its journey!

The closed beta is opening at the end of April 2022 and is already fully subscribed. If you work in a small team using Unity and would like to join the waiting list for closed beta 2.0, find out more and register your interest here.

To learn more about Zappaty visit the company’s website. To register your interest in joining the beta test sign up here or simply scan the bar code below.

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