Kickstarter Opens For PlayHead – New From LowTek

Kickstarter Opens For PlayHead – New From LowTek

Playhead is a new and original puzzle-platformer game set inside an online media player, created LowTek, the studio which brought you Flea! Flea Jump! and Tapeworm Disco Puzzle.

Playhead reimagines the familiar ‘media bar’ control panel, which you’ll recognise from streaming media services such as YouTube, to manipulate the very fabric of time itself, which the player can use to solve a variety of mind-bending puzzles.

As well as scrolling back and forth to control time, other elements of the media players’ user interface will play a part in the game. Comments for example will provide hints and tips, as well as progress story elements, while full screen, speed and resolution options will make the game more accessible to players.

Open To All

Given Lowtek’s commitment to accessibility – and the company’s work on the Dislectek text-to-speech technlogy will be built in from the outset, making sure every player can participate and enjoy the game.

Playhead received funding from the UK Games Fund in 2021, which allowed the studio to develop an initial prototype. The game also received an ‘Honorable Mention’ in the PocketGamer Big Indie Pitch in December 2021. This recognition and support has persuaded Lowtek to bring Playhead to Kickstarter to fund the creation of the full game.

Playhead will be released digitally on and Steam, alongside one or two physical PC versions. Should the game exceed its initial goal, Lowtek has built in stretch goals including dedicated Steam Deck support and a Switch version of the game.

Support Playhead

Playhead is now live on Kickstarter and open to supporters. Lowtek is looking for a mere £6,000 to complete the game, and has already raised over £1,000, with nearly a month to go.

Pledges start at only £1, which will get your name in the credits of the game. Higher levels will get backers digital or physical copies, their name in the credits, special editions, or even the opportunity to design your own level in the game.

Influencers Wanted

Lowtek is already working with several streamers and influencers who have shown support for the studio’s previous projects. The plan is to include those individuals within the game, where they will appear as commenters in some levels for their support and promotion of the game.

If you have your own Twitch channel, stream or website (whether it’s games-related or not) and would like to be considered, please reach out to Lowtek directly.

You can find the Kickstarter page here. If you can’t help with a pledge, then please like, share and help Ally and the Lowtek team bring Playhead to life.

Pledge now.

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