2021 TIGA Games Industry Awards Open For Entries

2021 TIGA Games Industry Awards Open For Entries

Entries have opened for the 2021 TIGA Games Industry Awards.

The annual awards recognise excellence in not only games development, but business, education and the achievements of large and small games businesses throughout the UK and Europe.

Categories and Criteria

There are 15 games categories and 14 business/educational categories in the 2021 competition. You can see the full list below. Unusually, the games awards are not just open to games released in the last 12 months. According to the FAQ, any game released before August 31st 2021 is eligible for entry

However if the game’s initial release was before 1st August 2018, it must had have at least one significant update after launch.

Entries are free and can be made online using a simple application form, along with a company logo and game footage (for appropriate categories).

Companies and organisations can enter multiple categories, however, while all of the games awards are open to everyone, the business awards are only open to TIGA members.

Entries Open

Organisations can submit their games, business or academic institution until 23:59 on Tuesday 31st August 2021. The shortlist of nominees will be announced in September, which the official awards ceremony taking place during the week of 22nd November 2021.

The 2021 TIGA Games Industry Awards games categories (open to all):

  • Social game
  • Casual game
  • Educational/serious game
  • Racing game
  • Strategy game
  • Role-playing game
  • Puzzle game
  • Arcade game
  • Creativity in games
  • Heritage in games
  • VR/AR game
  • Action/adventure game
  • Diversity award
  • Audio design
  • Visual design

The Business Awards Categories (TIGA members ONLY):

  • Game by a small studio
  • Outstanding leadership
  • Publisher
  • Educational institution
  • Engine, middleware, tools and technology
  • Independent studio
  • In-house studio
  • Legal services
  • QA/localisation
  • Recruitment
  • Tax and accountancy
  • Technical innovation
  • Services provider
  • Educational initiative and talent development

You can enter the 2021 TIGA Games Industry Awards here.

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