Hyper Luminal Games: Live on SGN TV

Hyper Luminal Games: Live on SGN TV

Hyper Luminal Games, an indie studio based in Dundee, will be appearing live on Scottish Games Network’s YouTube channel today at 4pm with our very own Ryan Duff. Rob and Scott (Creative Director and QA Lead respectively) of Hyper Luminal will be playing through the studio’s 2018 release, Big Crown: Show Down while answering questions about the studio, what they’re up to now and Big Crown’s development process.

Where can I find this?!

SGN TV! At 4pm (GMT) the live gameplay and interview can be viewed on the official SGN YouTube Channel (if you haven’t already subscribed… it’s an option). Once the livestream is over you could always stick around and watch some of the other interviews we’ve done over there!

Who are Hyper Luminal Games?

To best understand who Hyper Luminal are it might be best to get that information straight from the horse’s mouth:

Hyper Luminal Games are a wee independent games studio based in Dundee, Scotland. We came together because of our love of games and our passion for development. Our goal is to make amazing experiences and engaging worlds that players of all ages can enjoy.

Hyper Luminal Games Website

This Dundee based studio have thrived throughout lockdown, doubling their amount staff since March 2020.

Currently working on the gorgeous Cloud Jumper, the Tayside studio are going from strength to strength and have an incredibly bright future ahead of them.

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