April Wools! – DOOM meets LOOM follow up

April Wools! – DOOM meets LOOM follow up

Let me spin you a yarn, earlier today we teamed up with our good friend Ally Low for a cross platform, cross stich themed April Fools prank. Ally gave us a heads up a couple of days ago about his plan to dupe his Tik Tok followers with a surprise update on his cross stich project. This morning a video was posted of his automated, Arduino powered, cross stitch animation tool being used to play DOOM. After the video exploded on Tik Tok and Twitter we thought it was time to confess. Time to tie up loose ends if you will.

The video has already had over fifty-six thousand views with over eleven thousand likes! Even Bethesda retweeted the video to express there shock at the development. Unfortunately though we do have to come clean. This was a lot of fun, Ally and I have had a great time seeing how this spread across the internet (sprthread? is that too much?). Non the less, we hope you got as much of a kick out of this as we did. However, its time to clean up any lose threads.

April Fools – A Classic Stitch Up

We hope you enjoyed this little prank as much as we did! Hats off to Ally for masterminding this. Happy April Fools and stay on your toes next year, who knows what we’ve got planned?!

While we have your attention!

Everything about Disletek in the previous article is true. Just in case that was confusing. We wanted to take the opportunity while collaborating with Ally to promote the amazing work he has been doing and how important it is. To see when Dislectek is available on the Unity Asset Store, stay tuned to SGN and our YouTube channel, SGN TV.


Thanks for blowing this up. But it was an April fools. Small test dose work. Planing to scale up. Just couldn’t help myself #aprilfools #crossstitch

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Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

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