Help Rock Trust by Gaming for Good

Help Rock Trust by Gaming for Good

The Rock Trust is hosting a videogames streamathon this April. Running from 2nd to the 16th of April. Gamers will be given the opportunity to raise money and awareness for the 121,000 young people across the UK who currently face homelessness.

Get Involved

Gamers can sign up to broadcast themselves playing games and urge their viewer to donate to the charity. Raising not only funds but also awareness, The Rock Trust want to bring the problem of youth homelessness to forefront of discussion.

For the 121,000 homeless young people in the UK, Rock Trust are setting a goal of £121 per participant. That money could provide household essentials, turning their house into a home.

There are plenty of options for fundraising ideas, on the Gaming for Good website suggestions include:

  • Host a Video Gaming Tournament and charge an entrance fee
  • Tag-team marathon – team up & complete a game in 24 hours
  • Extreme streams: Host a stream in fancy dress. How about your favourite gaming or in character?
  • The Ultimate Forfeit: allow viewers or family and friends to give you forfeits in exchange for donations if you fail a level or lose a round you will have to complete the dare

Everyone’s efforts will come to a head on Saturday 17th April in the Grand Finale. This is when you’ll be able to see the impact of your contributions and hear the successes of other fundraisers while sharing your own. During the Grand Finale, participants will be entered into a prize draw with a chance to win ‘fantastic treats’.

If you would like to participate in the Gaming for Good initiative you can sign up on their website of click this link and share your Gaming for Good moments of social media using #GAMEONTOEYH.

Who are the Rock Trust and what do they do?

A youth-specific charity based in Scotland. The Rock Trust aims to make homelessness among young people a thing of the past.

Ensuring that every young person has access to expert youth specific services. Assisting them to avoid, survive and move on from homelessness. Advising, educating and supporting young people. Rock Trust build the personal skills and provide the resources young people need to transition into adulthood.

As well as this the Rock Trust also work with the public, policy makers, commissioners and practitioners to ensure that they understand the issues it causes and help make decisions to end youth homelessness.

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