Games Jobs Live Shares Optimistic Report

Games Jobs Live Shares Optimistic Report

What a busy lot our friends at Games Jobs Live are. As well as running recruitment livestreams, conducting interviews with industry veterans, hosting game jams and keeping an up-to-date UK wide map of jobs available in the games industry, they’re also now releasing a monthly report on the current state of opportunities called the UK Games Jobs Live Update. Whatever’s in their coffee, we want some.

A Bounty of Oppertunities

And we;re pleased to report that it’s all good news from this inaugural March 2021 edition. There are currently 1793 open positions in the UK across all kinds of disciplines, and there are 25 studios advertising 20 roles or more. The top 3 studios – Sumo Digital, Playground Games and Ubisoft – are hoping to fill 300 roles. These kinds of figures suggest that not only is the industry thriving during the pandemic, it’s expanding.

Scottish readers will be glad to know that there’s also a marked shift away from the centralised hubs of London and the South East. Although those two regions are still the biggest in terms of employment, they count for less than half of the open positions available, with 56% of all games jobs being offered elsewhere in the UK. There are 91 jobs available in Scotland as of March 2021, which is roughly on par with traditional industry hubs like Manchester and Liverpool.

Old Habits

A little surprising, however, is the fact that 97% of all advertised jobs are listed as being based on-location, in company offices. This seems to contradict the conversation that’s happening since the beginning of the pandemic around the shift towards more flexible working arrangements. Given the success with which the industry has adapted to working from home, it seems a tad short-sighted that there should be only 50 remote positions on offer.

Read the Full Report:

You can read the full Games Jobs Live report here, which is worth clicking through to for the lovely colour scheme alone. For the many other things Games Jobs Live are up to, check out their website.

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