OUT NOW: Monstrum 2

OUT NOW: Monstrum 2

The much-anticipated sequel to Team Junkfish‘s Monstrum is available now! After surviving and escaping the horrors of the Hisa Maru it is time to face new and terrifying creatures in the labyrinthine Sparrow Lock research facility. Mosntrum 2 is out now on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Steam.

Monstrum 2: What to expect

As a prisoner at Sparrow Lock you will explore, overcome obstacles, solve puzzles and most importantly avoid your monstrous stalker. With new monsters, and procedurally generated locations, no playthrough will be the same.

Monstrum 2 concept art

If you found the first game a little too lonely and you’ve grown attached to titles such as Dead by Daylight and Friday the 13th, Monstrum 2 will scratch that itch. Team Junkfish’s sequel sees you and up to three other players getting lost in the twisting, turning corridors of Sparrow Lock. You will rack your collective brains in trying to solve its puzzles before… it finds you.

Monstrum 2

Much like other games of its ilk, if you’d rather be the hunter over the hunted that’s also an option. You’ll have the choice of up to three unique monsters to play as. Each has its own distinctive playstyle and abilities. Will you prefer to smash through walls to create moments of panic and fear? Or will you prefer to take a more cold and calculated approach? Using psychic abilities to see through your prey’s eyes, phasing through walls and slowly closing the gap between you and your prey. Before making a final and fatal move!

Monstrum 2 adheres to the original while bringing new challenges to the player.

Why should you be excited?

If you’re the type of person who lives for the next experience that prevents you from sleeping for a fortnight then it’s obvious why you should get Monstrum 2. However, even if you tend to steer clear of anything that makes you scream at a frequency only the neighbor’s dog can hear, there might still be something here for you. CO-OP multiplayer experiences have grown in popularity since last March when we first found ourselves locked in our homes, unable to see friends and family. Games like Fall Guys and Among Us saw massive success last year and if you’re looking for the next game that will ruin your friendships, Monstrum 2 can provide exactly that.

What could be more enjoyable than hearing your friends panic as they try to solve puzzles, all the while you’re in control of a Lovecraftian horror, using everything at your disposal to stop them?

You can find Monstrum 2 on Steam.

Monstrum 2 Sparrow Lock


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