SGN Team Grows – Meet Andrew & Ryan

SGN Team Grows – Meet Andrew & Ryan

You may have noticed that the output of the Scottish Games Network has increased over the last few weeks. You may even have noticed that the quality and variety of the writing has improved. This is due to two new members of the SGN team.

Andrew Gordon and Ryan Duff have come on board to help me a) cover all of the fabulous news and updates from the rapidly evolving world of games and b) force me to actually do the podcast, live streams, video content and other things I have been banging on about for literally years.

They both come from a journalism background and are keen gamers. They’re also young and keen and willing to deal with the ‘teeth-pulling / blood-from-a-stone’ nature of getting news from Scottish studios. So expect to hear from them in the very near future.

Now they’re on board, we’ll be introducing a lot of new regular features, columns and content, from a Games Guru section (one question per week, aimed at industry experts), through to the return of Freelance Friday and our summary of the week’s news in Chattin’…

Over to the team to let them introduce themselves…


Hi folks. I’m a lifelong game-liker who’s without question spent more time reading, discussing, writing about and just generally obsessing over games than I have actually playing them.

Scotland’s a great place to be as a game fan given its role in the history of the medium but I think it’ll prove even more so going forward – we have an outsized wealth of creative talent in this country, strong institutional support and of course a (cliche-but-true) undeniable underdog spirit.

I’m excited to discover and champion everything that’s going in our industry for the Scottish Games Network and hopefully make some new friends in the process.

Favourite Games Console: I’ve played the majority of my favourite games on PC but the Nintendo Wii will always have a place in my heart.

Currently Playing: I just finished Lost Odyssey, a feat 12 years and one global pandemic in the making.

Best. Game. EVER: Kentucky Route Zero – a game that’s truly in conversation with the wider world and has a rich, fascinating atmosphere all its own.

Favourite Mobile Game: Bit of blind spot for me. Recently played Florence and loved it.

What Interests You Most About The Games Industry: The discourse! Reading, listening to and watching people voice their opinions about games is just as, if not more, important than actually playing them to me. I’m also very interested in games as part of our cultural heritage – would love to see more like the games-focused exhibitions at the DCA, V&A and National Museum in recent years – and the business side of the industry, including marketing and labour conditions.



Hi I’m Ryan, a third year Journalism student and aspiring games journalist. I’m really excited to be apart of the SGN team look forward to learning more about a career in the games industry. I hope to bring something new to the team and look forward to working with new and interesting people.

Favourite Games Console: probably my PS2, I had a playstation but this is where my love of games really started.

Currently Playing: Neir Automata, I missed it when it first came out and now I’m loving every minute of it… Even if it is a bit strange.

Best. Game. Ever: Uncharted 4, it defined the last generation for me and perfectly wrapped up Nathan Drake’s story.

Favourite Mobile Game: Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links, it’s the perfect way to kill some time and get my card game fix

What Interests You Most About The Games Industry: Indie development, it’s always great to see what fun and interesting ideas smaller development teams come up with.

If you have any news, ideas for content, or you’d like to be included in any of our new columns, you can get in touch with the team directly using the emails above, or you can find both Andrew and Ryan on Twitter.

Photo by seabass creatives on Unsplash

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