UK Games Industry Economic Impact Survey

UK Games Industry Economic Impact Survey

As part of its work to support the Video Game Tax Relief (VGTR), UKIE is gathering critical economic data about our sector, through a UK Games Industry Economic Impact Survey, to ensure it can base base future work on robust and comprehensive evidence. 

The organisation needs ALL games businesses – large and small – to give them accurate information about the number of people they employ, recent investments or significant financial deals, from 2017 to 2020.   

There are only two questions on the form, the first asks for headcount over the last four years. The second asks for any sizeable investments in your company – from crowdfunding to equity.

Please take the survey here. 

This data will be aggregated to form key measures about the UK games industry in the BFI’s forthcoming Screen Business 2021 report, as well as more local analysis including UKIE’s Think Global, Create Local project. Providing comprehensive and up-to-date, accurate data is essential to the organisation’s efforts to champion VGTR and ensure it remains an essential resource for our sector.

This report is used by HM Treasury to evaluate screen sector tax reliefs, so it is important for it to comprehensive.

Please take the survey here. 

Whether you employ two people or 200 or more, please take a few minutes to complete the two simple questions in the below survey and help us showcase the incredible strength of the UK games industry. 

The survey is open now and will be available until January 15 2021. Given the uncertainty everyone is facing at the moment, it’s crucial that we as an industry can demonstrate just how much videogames contribute to the country’s economic (and creative, and cultural) future.

You can see the results of the last research in the last BFI Screen Business report.

Please note: this data will be held by UKIE and shared under NDA with the BFI project team for use in this project only. The research will report aggregated industry figures only and no information about any individual company will be disclosed. 

Please take the UK Games Industry Economic Impact Survey here. 

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