Arcadia 2020

Arcadia 2020

Arcadia 2020 is an evening of online micro-talks, game demos and discussions from leading game designers, creators, and thinkers from across the interactive industry.

Created and curated by the amazing Biome Collective, in partnership with InGame Dundee, Arcadia Night takes place on Thursday December 10, from 19:00 – 21:00.

Arcadia will showcase a number of speakers who you may not have heard from, along with some of the industry’s most pioneering creatives.

Lightning Lineup

The Arcadia line-up includes 10 amazing speakers, each of whom will be giving a 3-5 minute talk on a subject of their choice.

Talks will kick off at 19:00 sharp, with short breaks in between to showcase games created by local game designers.

After the speakers, you’ll have a chance to join the speakers, organisers and other participants at an interactive closing party in the Biome Collective Online Gallery!

Tickets are free, but space is limited, so registration is recommended to secure your space. Your ticket will give you access to the YouTube stream of Arcadia Night 2020, as well as access to the party.


Anisa Sanusi

Anisa Sanusi is a video games UI/UX Designer and Founder of Limit Break, a mentorship program for developers of underrepresented genders in the UK games industry. Throughout the years Anisa has cultivated a devotion to ethical UX design, speaking at the first UX Summit held at GDC in San Francisco and also served as a Juror for the BAFTA Games Awards for multiple years. Anisa is an advocate for diversity and inclusivity in the industry, and was listed as one of GamesIndustry.Biz Top 100 Influential Women in the UK Games Industry, and part of Forbe’s 30 Under 30 Europe class of 2020.

Amy Parent

Amy Parent is a 20-something, queer trans woman living in Dundee. During the day, she’s working on becoming a space doctor, studying the strange clouds you can find in failed stars. During the night, she’s learning to wield a lightsaber, draws, makes games and planes for flight simulators, and watches a lot of queer TV.

Danielle Udogaranya (Ebonix)

Danielle Udogaranaya is a Content Creator, Twitch Partner, EA Game Changer and self-taught 3D artist. Since 2015, Danielle took it upon herself to learn 3D modelling so that she could create hairs, clothes and accessories so that she could feel represented in games that she frequented, such as The Sims 4. Sharing her content with others, who also didn’t feel represented, brought her a community who shared her concerns about the lack of content available to create characters that look like them. Danielle has since developed a vast follow base and become an advocate for diversity and representation in gaming. She has helped consult The Sims on their diversity initiatives, including She advocates for gaming diversity and representation, and her goal is to enable POC to see themselves represented in every game, not just The Sims.


Caspar is an independent game developer and lifelong fan of ghosts, cats and wearing cool hats. After several years working in AAA they made the move to indie so they could fulfill their dream of making games about queer ghosts. Caspar’s special moves include: drawing neon-bright skeletons, coding dialogue systems and baking chocolate cake.

Gabrielle de la Puente

Gabrielle de la Puente is a critic and curator from and based in Liverpool. She writes about games on The White Pube, a website co-run with Zarina Muhammad that covers exhibitions and the wider creative industries. She also runs OUTPUT gallery which works exclusively with artists local to Merseyside.

Jack King-Spooner

Jack King-Spooner is an artist. Among other things, he’s made a dozen or so videogame works. His videogame works are messy mash-ups of whatever is on his mind.

Des Gayle

Des Gayle is the founder of independent studio, Altered Gene and runs production for indie publisher Fellow Traveller. He has worked with several prominent companies and brands including: LEGO, Xbox, EA, Adidas and Square Enix. His breakout project was the original Life Is Strange series that won a BAFTA and other awards. Des is a board member of UKIE and a founding member of POC in Play. He is on the games committee at BAFTA, the chair of GamesAid and an ambassador for SpecialEffect. He is passionate about diversity and inclusion and is driven by a desire to help as many developers as possible ship good games.

Hwa Young Jung

Hwa Young Jung is a multidisciplinary artist working in the arts, cultural and sciences, facilitating collaborative projects and workshops. She works with people to co-create projects, often using games and play to explore social issues. Based in the Northwest she has been producing work with a range of people (Young People in libraries, care workers, freshwater biologists, criminologists) in England and internationally for almost ten years. She is ⅓ of Domestic Science, a collective of artists using interactive non-fiction to explore narratives around science and data that surrounds us everyday.

Adam Campbell

Adam Campbell is Co-founder of POC in Play and Director of Product at Azoomee / Da Vinci, the World’s fastest growing kids’s media company. He is also a member of the British Academy Film & Television Arts (BAFTA) and an award-winning producer. With a career spanning over a decade in video games, he has held previous roles at studios such as Miniclip, SEGA and Jagex.

Jennifer Petrie

Jennifer Petrie is a Community Manager at Ninja Kiwi, the company best known for the Bloons series. She previously worked as a Community Manager for Earthbound games, graduated with an Honours in Computer Arts and occasionally dabbles in the odd live stream on Twitch.

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This could be an extraordinary event. Get your tickets here…

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