Remedy Quest: Beta Test Opens, Trailer Launched

Remedy Quest: Beta Test Opens, Trailer Launched

Remedy Quest is the 2D casual game being developed by Glasgow-based Game Dr, the science-driven serious game developer, to combat misinformation and anxiety around the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

The first trailer for the game has just hit YouTube:

Earlier this year, Game Dr secured an Innovate UK grant to design and develop a game, aimed at children and young people, to help the understand more about the virus, how it’s being addressed and to help the understand and adhere to guidelines to keep them – and their families – safe and well.

We’re written about it several times, so if you want more background, we’ve got you covered.

As Game Dr puts it, Remedy Quest is:

inspired by science, set in an abstract world being invaded by an unwanted virus. Reminiscent of real research, players must upgrade their skills and develop unique strategies to overcome the virus.

To celebrate the launch of the teaser trailer, Game Dr is now inviting Android users to join the beta testing programme on Google Play. They are inviting you – and your families – to test the game and provide useful feedback to help shape the rest of the game.

If you have an Android device and would like to help the development of a game with such huge potential to help people through the ongoing pandemic, Sign up as a Beta tester.

You can follow development of the game on the Game Dr Facebook page, or by following them on Twitter.

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