Pumpkin Jam

Pumpkin Jam

Flex your creative muscles this October with the first ever Jamoween.

Created by our friends, Indie Game Squad, the jam will run over a period of eight days (or 192 hours), from 14:00 on October 17, until 14:00 on October 24.

The final entries will be judged by the other participants over the following 24 hours, with all of the games, plus the winners revealed at 14:00 on Sunday 25 October.

The theme for the jam will be announced when the jam begins (14:00, October 17). There’s no word yet on whether this will involved pumpkins, dancing skeletons, or skulls, so please don’t ask…

The winning team will receive praise, undying adulation and potentially a some mysterious kinda trophy (again, no word on whether this may be a pumpkin).

Oh and there will be some additional Trick or Treat type additions over the course of the jam. These will be optional, but there will be a special award for the best use of them.

The Rules

  • Game must be made within the given time frame, updates are allowed after submission, but only up until the deadline
  • No harassment of any kind. Seriously
  • Keep game content clean. No NSFW content, offensive content, excessive gore/violence
  • All assets should be made during the jam. If you do use assets from outside of the jam just let the team know when you submit your game
  • Read the rules. Not reading the rules is not an excuse for breaking them
  • Have fun

Any games that do not follow these rules may be removed from the jam.

Get Social

Indie Game Squad will be streaming the entries on Twitch after submission and play testing them all. Like, follow and watch twitch.tv/stikkzmedia after the jam ends.

You can join the Indie Game Squad Game Jam Discord channel: https://discord.gg/TbtSU5N

You can also find them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

You can sign up to take part in Jamoween over on Itch.io: https://itch.io/jam/jamoween.

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