Freelance Friday!

Freelance Friday!

It’s Friday. Welcome to the end of another week. Whether you’re working remotely, back at your desk, or looking help with a side hustle, the chances are you’re going to need an extra pair of hands at some point.

Thankfully there are some skilled people out there. Consider this your guide to the people offering services from design and development, to marketing, music and the written word.

Take a look and get in touch.

Music / Audio…


Too Many Cookes Music (Mick Cooke)

A BAFTA-winning composer who has provided music for international animated series Zack & Quack, Bitz & Bob, and Boj. Before this, Mick toured the world for fifteen years as the trumpeter and bassist of BRIT Award winning indie rock band, Belle & Sebastian. Mick has also composed for several apps including a Mr. Tumble CBeebies Playtime app produced by Chunk. Specialties: quirky music, bespoke underscore, songwriting and production.

His musical talent, scoring and songwriting ability, professionalism and general high spirit, left a lasting mark on the show. I have no doubt that Mick and I will continue to collaborate for years to come!” – Gili Dolev, Co-creator and Supervising Director, Zack & Quack

Great results, personable, expert, on time, high integrity and creative – Mick ticks all the boxes! We can’t wait to work with him again.” – Claire Underwood, Co-creator and Director, Boj

Online | Email | LinkedIn | Twitter

Art / Animation…

Martin Diavolo

I’m a 3D artist with 5+ years of experience in creative industries.
Currently, I’m a team lead artist in studio GetDead Entertainment at the moment but this is my side project in my spare time. I’m responsible for creating assets, mentoring our prop department, applying assets in UE environment, taking and providing feedback, looking after the production process, setting up models for Cgtrader market.

I have a Diploma in 3D animation but my heart is in creation, I prefer to dive in 3D software or even so a simple sketch and make something unique.
I love to combine all my research ( I’m really good at it research!).

My strongest skills are 3D modelling, but I have other skills as well.
In 2017 I had an internship with the world-class creative animation studio Interference Pattern.

I was a 2D Animation designer, Environment designer and Team Lead there. I was creating a 2D animation with a small team.
In 2018 I had an internship with amazing Heehaw! what an amazing team!
I was working closely with the Managing Director and taking feedback with team members I was responsible for creating content for their customers.
After that, I started working as a freelance 3D artist and got a job as a 3D artist with the first VR studio in Scotland E-VR.

Very interesting experience, I learned a lot about optimisation for VR and mobile devices, from that moment I’m very interested in VR.

  • I have experience in software like:
  • Maya
  • Zbrush
  • Substance Painter
  • Substance Alchemist
  • Keyshot
  • Photoshop etc.
  • Instant Meshes
  • Basic Unreal Engine/Unity skills
  • Meshroom (photogrammetry)

I’m always open for new challenges, and easy-going, please get in touch via email or LinkedIn.

Online | Email | LinkedIn | CGTrader

Coding / Programming…

Matthew Cormack

I’m a freelance game programmer specialising in rapid prototyping. I’ve completed projects for Yale University, Amazon, and some of the biggest names in games. This includes a wide variety of genres such as educational games, VR experiences, and more traditional projects. Through prototyping I have experience with most areas of game development, including design & UI. My work is primarily in Unity.

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Game / Level Design…

Shitao Fan

MSc Glasgow School of Art game design student with a specialism within interactive narrative game. Experienced within Level and VR Game Design, storytelling and interactive practice. Graduate from Uni of Liverpool with BA Architecture degree.

Published Out of the Game as Game Designer for concept, mechanic, art. Published on and Alpha Beta Gamer. The walkthrough video has received more than 10,000 views and positive comments on YouTube.

Currently pursuing the Placement Games Designer or Level Designer in Scotland.| Email | ArtStation | LinkedIn

Writing / Narrative Design…

Fergus Doyle

I am an Edinburgh based writer and narrative designer. I’ve been writing for several years across genre and media, and I enjoy the challenge of adapting to pre-established styles and settings. Recently, I have begun to write game scripts, mostly in Ink, but I also have experience in Unity, Twine and Yarnspinner. I’m a big fan of science fiction and fantasy, and love creating new worlds for people to explore.

Online | Email | Twitter

Freelance Friday

If you’re a freelancer workin in or around the videogames sector, and would like to be listed in our directory (and featured in the Freelance Friday roundup), then please get in touch.

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