2020 BAFTA Games Awards Entries Open (Diversity Standards Now Included)

2020 BAFTA Games Awards Entries Open (Diversity Standards Now Included)

Entries for the 2020 BAFTA Games Awards, which will take place in March 2021 are now open.

Developers and publishers have until Thursday 19 November 2020 to enter their games

(This is different to the BAFTA Scotland Games Award, which we published a few weeks back. That’s a single category, which takes place within the wider Scottish Awards, which run in November).

The BAFTA Games Awards, is a dedicated competition, which recognises games and games creators, across a wide range of creative and craft categories.

BFI Diversity Standards

BAFTA has also announced that for the first time, the BFI Diversity Standards will be piloted across the Best British Game category, meaning that entrants will be asked to provide information on their development and production practices.

The aim of the Diversity Standards is to encourage greater diversity and inclusion within entries themselves, as well as their creators. If the pilot is successful, it may become part of the entry criteria for future awards.

The Standards focus on under-represention in four key areas:

  1. In-game representation, themes and narratives
  2. Creative leadership and development team
  3. Industry access & opportunities
  4. Player Base Development

Entrants will be asked to assess themselves against these criteria.

The BFI Diversity Standards were initially introduced to the BAFTA Film Awards in 2019. BAFTA will also be piloting them in the UK production categories at the Television Awards this year.

Amanda Berry OBE, CEO at BAFTA, said:

We are pleased to announce the pilot of the BFI Diversity Standards for the British Game category this year, with the aim of fully introducing diversity standards to BAFTA’s Games Awards in the future.

This is part of our efforts to support the industry in its drive to create a more diverse, representative and inclusive UK games industry. Alongside our year-round global programme of events and initiatives, BAFTA will continue to find new ways to drive positive and impactful change.

More information about the BAFTA Games Awards can be found here.

Entries can be made here.

The BFI Diversity Standards for Games can be found here.

The online guide on the prevention of bullying, harrassment and racism for the games industry, created by BAFTA and the BFI can be found here.

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