Observation: Directors Play Through – TODAY, 2pm

Observation: Directors Play Through – TODAY, 2pm

Observation, the sci-fi thriller from Glasgow’s NoCode, has been widely praised for it’s unsettling and eerie set-up, understated sense of menace, use of audio and fantastic storytelling.

The scenario is classic sci-fi…

The space station Observation has somehow lost its Earth orbit and is adrift in the solar system, drifting out near Saturn. Systems have malfunctioned, fire has broken out, and SAM, the station’s AI, is acting unexpectedly. Things are not looking good…

Dr. Emma Fisher, the one remaining, reluctant crew member has her work cut out to try and stabilise the situation, find a way home and try to understand what the hell has happened.

However, players don’t take the role of Dr Fisher, but of SAM, the Artificial Intelligence which runs the systems on board the station. You control the cameras, the airlocks, sensors and damage control systems. However, there’s something else there too. A flicker of sentience, or self-awareness, from somewhere…

There’s a reason the game has picked up multiple awards – including a couple of BAFTAs.

Now you can join the creators of the game, for an exclusive play through of Observation, complete with a director’s commentary.

BAFTA is offering the chance to hear Creative Director Jon McKellan, Audio Director Omar Khan and Lead Designer Graeme McKellan play through the game and reveal more about the making of Observation.

The session will take place through Zoom and takes place at 2pm today (28/05/2020).

You can sign up for tickets – FREE – on the BAFTA website.

Observation is available for PC and PS4 (If you’re quick. it’s currently 50% on Steam)

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