NoCode Wins BAFTA Games Award

Congratualtions to the team at NoCode, who picked up the BAFTA Scotland Games award at last night’s glittering, star-studded ceremony in central Glasgow.

The company fought off stiff competition from Ninja Kiwi’s Adventure Time branded tower defence game and Ice Beam’s procedurally-generated survive ’em-up, Socketeer, to scoop the trophy for Observation.

This is NoCode’s second BAFTA Scotland award, after the company’s Stories Untold, won in 2017. The studio also previously picked up a BAFTA Scotland New Talent award, meaning they’re going to need an impressive board room or mantelpiece in order to hold all of the trophies.

The team tweeted live from the ceremony, thanking everyone for their support:


Observation has picked up excellent scores from the press, with IGN’s review stating:

“It would be obvious to refer to Observation as “2001: A Space Odyssey: The Game”. In fact, that’s how developer No Code has described it itself. But in truth, this sci-fi thriller melds so much more than that together: Alien’s constant sense of dread and labyrinth of claustrophobic corridors; Solaris’ emotional core and haunting ethereality; and Interstellar’s sheer desperation and explosive moments. All of these combine to create a gripping story that’s threaded around a series of cleverly designed puzzles to create a truly unique gaming experience.”

Congratulations to the whole team at NoCode, for a well deserved win.

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