OUT NOW: Monstrum Hits Consoles

OUT NOW: Monstrum Hits Consoles

The critically acclaimed survival-horror game Monstrum from Team Junkfish in Dundee, is OUT NOW for Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One.

Originally released on Steam five years ago (20th May, 2015!), Monstrum received glowing praise and quickly became a horror fan-favourite. Set in the decaying bowels of a 1970s-era freighter, the player must find a way to escape, while being actively hunted by a horrifying monster.

Alongside the sinister environmental design and atmospheric audio, the game was notable for the high level of procedural generation. The compartments and corridors of the freighter change with each game, giving players a level of replayability rare in horror titles.

Monstrum also upped the scare stakes with three distinct monsters, each of which had its own particular capabilities and characteristics. So they’d react to different cues and hunt the player in a variety of deeply unpleasant ways.

Just to make things that little more challenging, it’s also permadeath. You get caught/eaten/disemboweled, then you’re right back at the start.

There’s a reason Monstrum is still being played five years after its initial release…

Switch, PS4, XB1

Now, thanks to publishing partner Sodesco, owners of the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can all now download the digital version of Monstrum.

The physical release has been delayed for the time being, thanks to the ongoing Covid19 situation, but will follow once things get a little closer to ‘normal’.

You can find Monstrum for your console using the links below:

Coming Soon – Monstrum II

The team at Junkfish are already hard at work on a sequel. Monstrum II ups the ante by setting the game in a dilapidated sea fortress, where grotesque experiments have created… something unpleasant.

The sequel brings multiplayer gaming to the forefront, with a group of three players trying to escape, while another player, takes control of the monster and pursues them through the chaos and clutter – once more procedurally generated – and tries to eat/gut/dismember them.

It sounds awesome. Terrifying, but awesome.

There’s no hard date for Monstrum II, but it’s scheduled for ‘late 2020’, so hopefully you can expect a little bowel-loosening something extra in your Christmas stocking this year.

You can find out more on the dedicated Monstrum website, which also links to an admirably comprehensive set of social links, including: Twitter, Facebook, Discord, YouTube, Twitch, Instagram and Reddit… (Guys! Just… wow!)

You can add Monstrum II to your Steam Wishlist now.

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