Scottish Developers Receive UK Games Funding

Scottish Developers Receive UK Games Funding

The sixth round of the UK Games Fund closed recently. Over 170 applications were received, with 38 companies across the UK receiving grants to help create prototypes of new games.

Four development studios in Scotland were successful in their applications.

Ant Workshop, Hairy Heart Games, IceBEAM, and Konglomerate will receive funding and support to support their new projects:

Dungeon Golf (Ant Workshop)

Dungeon Golf is a turn-based, dungeon-crawling, loot-em-up, except instead of using weapons, you’re playing mini golf. Whack golf balls into creatures to do damage, hit chests to claim their treasue and avoid ancient traps (or use them to your advantage) as you work your way down through 18 procedurally generated holes.

Rallyallyally (Hairy Heart Games)

Rallyallyally is a super-playful social multiplayer game for eight online players. Players create tracks by driving around, then challenge each other to race around them. Players create a new track each time they race, with control being handed to a new player in every round.

Make Way (Ice BEAM)

Make Way is a couch co-op top-down racing game with a twist. Players work together to create a race track, by picking and connecting track pieces, before racing against each other. In every round, the track becomes longer and more complex as more track pieces and hazards are added.

Archipelayo (Konglomerate)

Winner of the International Serious Play Gold Award, Archipelayo aims to set a new standard for games used to enhance physiotherapy.

Archipelayo is a series of mini-games designed for players aged 6-16, who suffer from Cystic Fibrosis, a life-long incurable disease.

Working with Project Fizzyo and Microsoft, Archipelayo uses an Acapella device, to turn the player’s breath into game input to help make their Airway Clearance Techniques more fun and engaging.

You can find the list of all 38 companies which received funding on the UK Games Fund website.


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