OUT NOW: Towers of Everland

OUT NOW: Towers of Everland

Towers of Everland, a brand new first-person dungeon crawler from the team at Cobra Mobile in Dundee, is out now, exclusively for Apple Arcade.

That means that it’s available for iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV, as part of a monthly subscription and players can move seamlessly from one device to another, picking up their favourite games where they left off.

Towers of Everland brings a new perspective to the genre, with a first-person perspective dropping players into the thick of the action, as they adventure, explore, raid, fight, loot and make their way through the world of Everland.

In the best traditions of the RPG, players must test their skills in battle against the hordes of fiendish monsters, conquer all the towers they can and amass treasure, weapons and armour from hundreds of unique pieces.

Towers of Everland also offers endless replay value, with procedural generation of towers, treasure and terrifying beasts ensuring that no two games are ever the same.

Apple Arcade is offering a free trial at the moment, so you can sign up and start slaying. (You could also try the equally excellent Dead End Job from our friends at Ant Workshop at the same time… just sayin’).

You can download Towers of Everland here.

You can sign up to Apple Arcade here.

You can also follow Cobra Mobile online, on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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