It’s Oh So Quiet – Whatever Happened To The Scottish Games Network?

It’s Oh So Quiet – Whatever Happened To The Scottish Games Network?

andwerebackYou may have noticed that over the last 18 months, the Scottish Games Network has been… a little quiet.

So quiet in fact you’d be forgiven for thinking it was dead.

It’s not. I’ve just been a little busy. In late 2014 I started work with Team Rock, running the company’s new games division.

It turns out that running a network, alongside having a proper job (and a job which I loved and absorbed huge amounts of my time) wasn’t easy. Something had to give.

The SGN gave. I’ve not proactively done anything with the group over the course of 2016. For the first time since 2006, when I set up the original Yahoo group (still there, I checked…) I sat back and just watched.

Quite a lot happened. Companies continued to produce games, events happened, some incredible grass-roots organisations came into being.

However, there’s still a need for a focal point, for someplace which will shout about and champion all of the games (and games-related) activities happening in Scotland.

bender-were-backSo we’re going to do just that. All the good things – the company and freelance directories, the (long promised) events calendar, the official release list, the links into government and parliament, we need those. They help.

So as of next week, we’ll be picking the SGN back up, dusting it off and making it even more relevant and useful to Scotland’s games (and games-related) industries for 2017 and beyond.

We’ll need your help. We want your games, your news, your contact details and how YOU think the SGN should evolve.

We’ll be back to daily updates as of Monday 23rd January. In the meantime, happy new year to you all.




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