Just Giving for Team Rock

Just Giving for Team Rock

teamrock-masthead-squareThere was some sad news yesterday as Team Rock went into liquidation with the loss of around 70 jobs across the UK. A good number of those are based with the games team in Scotland, whom we know well. With only a few days to go until Christmas, staff have found out they will receive no pay this month which quite honestly sucks. Badly.

The news is especially shocking not only because it comes just a week before Christmas, but also because of what seems to be a distinct lack of transparency throughout the process. It appears that many, if not all, Team Rock employees were kept in the dark about the company’s financial difficulties. Perhaps with greater transparency the wider team at Team Rock may have been part of finding a solution to the obvious difficulties the company was having?

Some good news is that the gaming and music communities have banded together and a crowdfunding page at JustGiving has been created by Ben Ward of Orange Goblin to help give the guys and girls over at Team Rock some financial help. We’ve made our own donation to support this worthy cause and would urge you to do so too. The Team Rock JustGiving page can be found here.

An amazing total of over £35,000 has already been raised!

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