OUT NOW – Red’s Kingdom – New From Cobra

Dundee’s Cobra Mobile is one of those studios which doesn’t generate a huge amount of publicity, but quietly gets on with releasing a large number of games which go on to achieve great success – also quietly.

The company is responsible for the best-selling iBomber franchise, as well as the more recent Cobi Hoops – a simple, addictive multiplayer game, played via Apple iMessage.

redsplashCobra’s latest release is Red’s Kingdom, a puzzle adventure game in which players must help Red rescue his father, who’s been kidnapped by mad king Mac.

Having innocent citizens illegally seized by a crazed dictator seems very topical at the moment, so Red’s Kingdom may indeed provide useful hints and tips for people who find their families have fallen out of favour with touchy, thin-skinned, despotic rulers, for something as simple as having nuts bigger or shinier than the king.

rk_screen3Cobra’s usual high production values and polish shine through in the game, which has 17 levels of problem solving, goon-bashing and nut collecting.

The game is available now, on iOS, Steam (PC & Mac), the Mac App Store and Apple TV.

rk_screen5You can also find Cobra online, on Facebook and Twitter.

Red’s KingdomOUT NOW

Red’s Kingdom for iOS$4.99

Red’s Kingdom for Steam£5.99/€8.99/$8.99

Red’s Kingdom for Mac (App Store) – $7.99


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