Are You Ahead Of The Game…?!

Are You Ahead Of The Game…?!

Henderson_Loggie_logoThere have been a number of significant new events in the world of funding and financing video games in the last twelve months.

Tax relief for game developers, putting them on a par with film and high end television production is a huge step forward. Not only for companies wishing to operate more sustainably, but in terms of getting games taken seriously as a medium.

This was joined only a few weeks ago, by a renewed prototype fund, which offers smaller developers the opportunity to fund the creation of new games and help them take those games beyond prototype.

Now our friends at Henderson Loggie are holding an event which offers the opportunity for developers to find out more about both initiatives.

Vision Bldg - CourierTaking place on November 11th at the Vision Building in Dundee’s throbbing pixelated heart, the event will welcome Paul Durrant, the Managing Director for the new UK Games Talent & Finance community interest company, as well as Colm Seeley from the British Film Institute.

The event is free to attend, but space is limited so registration is recommended.

You can find out more over on the Henderson Loggie website.

Register here.

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