Scotland’s Games Industry…[Searching…]

Scotland’s Games Industry…[Searching…]

SGN 001As a first step in researching the size and scale of the games sector in Scotland we’ve taken the bold step of deleting many of the entries in the previously comprehensive, but now sadly out-of-date COMPANY DIRECTORY.

(Obviously we backed it up first…)

We’ll be contacting every company listed and putting out a more general call for studios, teams and companies in and associated with the games sector in the very near future.

It’s the second most popular page on the whole site after the main news blog. It gets a huge number of hits every day, so it’s something we will be resurrecting, never fear.

In the meantime, if YOU own, run or work with a games company in Scotland, drop us an e-mail and let us know you want to be incorporated into the all new and exhaustively definitive COMPANY DIRECTORY OF THE FUTURE!

Your Scottish Games Network, actually doing stuff since 2004*.

*Excludes 2015 thus far. I’ve been busy…


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