2014 – A Year In Releases

2014 – A Year In Releases

SGN 0012014 was a strange year for the Scottish games industry. The number of companies in the country shrank slightly (to around 85) and the number of games released also decreased to around the same number – 85, down from 2013’s 93 releases.

The diversity of the releases increased however, from the next generation versions of GTA V, through to games which were created in collaboration with children’s theatre companies, broadcasters and cancer charities.

You can find the full list of releases from Scottish developers below. This is a work in progress, so developers: the release date(s) and direct links to your game, or games page are very welcome to make this comprehensive.

This is important. This sort of information isn’t captured for the UK’s games industry and it needs to be. Unless we can track the games which are released, the companies which exist and the types of game which are being produced, then how can we possibly gauge whether the industry is growing, succeeding, shrinking, growing or changing fundamentally?

And this data is freely available to all. Because we love you – and you feel that. So help out. Give us your data and we’ll try to make sure we can help Scotland’s games sector to grow and thrive…

Download the whole document here.


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