Please Help – Next Generation Skills Academy Needs You

Please Help – Next Generation Skills Academy Needs You

nextgenPlease take two minutes to read this article – then share it with your friends and colleagues in the games industry…

The Next Generation Skills Academy is carrying out a survey looking at diversity and equality within the games industry. They’re looking for women working in the games sector to help by filling in a survey to help identify and highlight the challenges women face in this area of the creative industries.

Creative Skillset is funding this project through the Skills Investment Fund, which help companies invest in the development of skills and talent in Games and other creative industries. We want to make a difference for women at every stage of their careers.
Please complete the survey by WEDNESDAY 24 DECEMBER and encourage any female colleagues and friends working in the Games industry or educators engaging via Games courses to complete it too.  Just forward the link to them.

The information and ideas gathered from your responses will be used to help the NGSA design a comprehensive report which will be subject of discussions involving employers, educators and employees/freelancers to discuss ways to ensure that all women have the opportunity to achieve their potential in Games.

The Academy will also be using the content of your responses to design a series of ‘audience-focused’ regional career development workshops. These will take place late January/early February 2015.

If you would also be prepared to be telephone interviewed by a researcher, please answer ‘Yes’ to the final question and complete contact details. We hope to produce a representative group of (anonymous) case studies which will be of practical value to employers wishing to attract, recruit and retain women in all areas of their business.

To keep up to date with this research and its outcomes and to also find out more about the work of the Next Gen Skills Academy, sign up to our newsletter at the end of the survey.
Without your support the academy cannot address these issues therefore we thank you for your help and look forward to reading your response to our questions.

Gina Jackson, Ella Romanos, Marie-Claire Isaaman & Geraldine Cross
Specialists in Career Development for the Creative Industries.

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