OUT NOW – Bloons Monkey City

OUT NOW – Bloons Monkey City

Title ScreenIf a tree falls in a forest and nobody is there to hear it, does it make a sound? It’s a philosophical imponderable of no small magnitude, which has kept the finest minds of the human race occupied for centuries.  It at once asks questions about the participation of an observer and the very nature of reality.

What none of these beard-stroking, bath enthusiasts seems to have considered is: what about the monkeys?

01 Awesome City BuildingWhat monkeys? The monkeys living in the forest of course. The monkeys which ensure our world is not overrun by bananas or the endless hordes of balloons, which would deafen us all with their horrifying screechy squeaking and make all our our hair stand up with static electricity.

It’s a future too terrible to contemplate. One slip on a lurking banana and POP, the balloons are on you. All over you. The squeaking. The squeaking…

02 Award-Winning Tower DefenseMercifully, the monkeys are out there. Semper vigilo, baby. They’re keeping us safe. They’re keeping our hair in place. Be thankful.

Now you too can join the front line of global defence, helping the monkeys to pop the rampaging hordes of rubbery BASTARDS and building a new future. A new home. A new generation of valiant simian warriors, honed to ninja like abilities and with their pouch full of darts – the balloon’s only natural enemy.

screen520x924 (3)Bloons Monkey City enables you to join the brave monkeys as they build their population, while fighting off waves of bloons, determined to hamper their quest for life, love and the pursuit of happiness and bananas.

Think of it as a cross between a tower defence game and a city-building game. You need monkey houses to train up your troops, who can then be deployed to fight off the nasty balloons.

screen520x924 (1)Bloons Monkey City features multi-player games with co-operative games, player-versus-player and visiting within the game.

Monkey City is FREE and available for your favourite iOS device.

Bloons Monkey City (iOS) – Free

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