Event – Crowdfunding V Crowdlifting – Unlocking The Potential

Event – Crowdfunding V Crowdlifting – Unlocking The Potential

digital jam logoCrowd-funding. It was awesome. It was the saviour of indie gaming. It was an over-hyped waste of time. It was a way for the unscrupulous to rip-off the gullible. It was only for the already successful. It was only good for very specific projects. It’s… so over.

Crowd-funding is still with us. It’s being used by an increasingly diverse collection of companies, projects and prototypes. It works spectacularly well, or it doesn’t work at all.

There’s so much misinformation, disinformation, speculation and misunderstanding about crowd-funding that it can be difficult to see how any project gets off the ground.

But they do. So how do companies make it work…?

Help is at hand. Digital Jam, experts in digital and social media, marketing and funding in the creative industries has created a brand new one day workshop which focuses on helping creative companies understand more about the ways in which crowd-funding, crowd-sourcing and crowd-lifting can be used effectively to support, promote and produce new projects.

Taking place in central Edinburgh’s TechCube, the workshop promises to bring a new perspective to the use of crowd-funding for game developers and companies working in the interactive industries.

The company has also utilised funding from Creative Skillset to offer 50% match funding on the ticket price, to put the event in reach of every developer, from the smallest indies to more established companies.

Cube_(PSF)To access the funding, visit the Creative Skillset website and send them the date and details of the workshop. Once you’ve been approved, you can then book your place at the workshop and find out how to make 2015 the best year yet for your company…

Tanya Laird, the founder of Digital Jam, told us:

Despite the popularity of seemingly easy funding, crowd-funding remains a mystery for many companies across the interactive, digital, mobile and tech sectors. Setting up a Kick Starter or Indiegogo page, making an endearingly low budget video and hoping everyone you know will fund it, is not nearly enough to get the groundswell of support a successful campaign has to create – and maintain.

It takes planning, creativity, organisation, communication and a belief in the product. Crowdfunding can change the entire scope of your product – and your company. With so many routes to funding and distribution, Crowdfunding offers a step in a product and audience validation. Digital Jam will take you through the secrets of a successful campaign and give you the skills you need to make crowdfunding work for you

You can book your tickets on EventBrite. They’re likely to move fast…

Any questions or comments, contact Digital Jam directly.

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