Dundee Becomes The UK’s First City Of Design

Dundee Becomes The UK’s First City Of Design

Dundee003Earlier this week, UNESCO, that’s the United Nations’ Education, Scientific and Cultural organisation, announced its list of the cities which have contributed significantly to design.

Alongside globally recognised hubs of creativity and culture, such as Bilbao (Spain), Montreal (Canada) and Berlin (Germany), the United Kingdom’s first city of design is our very own Dundee.

The city’s contributions to fields as diverse as bio-medical research, comics and of course, games were cited as reasons behind the decision.

To stray from the strictly impartial and objective tone for just a moment, we’d just like to remind London that there’s always next year…

A host of important and influential people lined up to heap praise upon the city and outline why Dundee’s success is so very well deserved…

retro dundee - grill and griddleThe cabinet secretary for culture and external affairs, Fiona Hyslop said:

This is a richly deserved accolade and further strengthens the city’s growing reputation as a hub of cultural and creative excellence and an international centre for the creative industries.

Ken Guild, leader of Dundee City Council said:

This is tremendous news and shows truly international recognition for Dundee’s innovative design sector. The city’s profile will receive a huge boost and I am certain it will lead to many opportunities. I look forward to seeing how we use this status to help take the city forward for the future.

Professor Nigel Seaton, principal of Abertay University, said:

The Unesco City of Design status is a major recognition of everything Dundee has achieved, from life-saving biosciences innovations to the design of comics and games – many created by Abertay graduates – and of what we can achieve in the future.

Professor Pete Downes, principal of the University of Dundee, agreed:

We are delighted that Unesco has recognised the heritage and ambition of our city and we look forward to working with the international partners, building new links and strengthening old ones.

Finally, Janet Archer, CEO of Creative Scotland, said:

At Creative Scotland, we are already wholly aware of Dundee as a centre of design excellence and also as a hub for the arts, the creative industries and excellence in creative education. [This] huge accolade firmly positions Dundee on an international stage – alongside Edinburgh as Unesco City of Literature and Glasgow as Unesco City of Music.

Congratulations Dundee. The city of course is home to around 50% of Scotland’s almost 100 development studios, proving that games are still a huge element of the city’s success.

Now, Dundee, there’s no rush, but, the search for the creative, commercial and spiritual successor to Lemmings and Grand Theft Auto is on… In your own time. We’re here to help when it happens. Which it will.

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