OUT NOW – Quick Slide

OUT NOW – Quick Slide

Dundee’s Stand Out Games has released its latest title, Quickslide for Android devices. The game offers a new spin on the classic Christmas-cracker-em-up slidey squares type puzzle.

You know the ones. It’s a plastic square which contains 4 x 4 tiles upon which is printed a picture of a seasonal or humorous nature. Cunningly, one of the tiles is missing, allow you to slide the tiles around within the square and mix up the picture. You can then spend countless hours, chuckling and trying to get the image back to it’s original, unspoiled whole.

Hard SettingIt’s the sort of quality entertainment that is sadly lacking in the modern world, where far too many people spend that time sleeping through the Bond film, complaining humorously about sprouts, or ignoring her majesty the Queen’s annual broadcast.

Stand Out has catered for these apathetic punters with a digital version of the game, complete with added power-ups such as removing an extra tile (without using a knife, which was required for the physical toy), swapping the position of two tiles (again with the knife) or adding 10 seconds onto the allotted time (research into the very nature of time, the invention and successful utilisation of some sort of ‘time machine’ or order to create a localised ‘loop’ in the fabric of space/time to add an additional 10 seconds to your enjoyment of the game, and a knife).

Level SelectPlayers have a limited amount of time to solve the puzzles, so it’s fastest fingers first to find the final photo.

Quickslide is FREE, with in-app purchases (the power-ups).

Cleverly, Quickslide allows players to create their own puzzles, through the creative use of their device’s camera. Simply point your camera at an object/person/lovely view/ crime-in-progress and ‘voila!’ players have their own personal sliding-tile-puzzle feature an image which is meaningful to them.

Play your own Picture puzzlesThe game increases complexity by increasing the number of tiles within a puzzle, ensuring that even the most accomplished players have an ongoing challenge at their very fingertips.

Download it now and peer perplexed at the picture prestidigitation perfection placed upon your platform (Android).

Quickslide (Android) – FREE

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