OUT NOW – Dueling Wizards

OUT NOW – Dueling Wizards

unnamedDueling Wizards is the latest release from Scotland’s Cog Mobile. Based in Fife, the company develops apps and games for commercial partners.

Dueling Wizards however is an original new title, which puts the player into the curly toed shoes of a hard-bitten, spell-slinging sorcerer, facing off against wicked wizards and assorted enchanted enemies.

dueling wizards 03Players must draw gestures to cast simple spells, defend against attack and chain their enchantments together to create devastating combo attacks.

Wizards can be customised with new pointy hats, staffs (with or without a knob on the end), spells (obv) and even beards, for the stylish sorcerer around the mythical tower…

dueling wizards 05There are three tournaments in the game and over 26 spells in total, to ensure the maximum magical mayhem…

Dueling Wizards is OUT NOW. It’s free with in-app purchases.

cogLogo2Cog has revealed that future development may include multiplayer gaming and iPad support, but as yet there’s no word on other platforms.

Dueling Wizards (iOS) – FREE (in-app purchases)

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