OUT NOW – Pug Rapids

OUT NOW – Pug Rapids

If we’ve learned ONE THING from video games, it’s that pug dogs are possibly the smartest creatures in this, or any other universe. From Lucky Frame, we learned that Pugs Luv Beats and are out there, colonising the galaxy, one planet at a time. While wearing adorable hats. Now, there’s a new game, which showcases the humble pug’s abilities as explorers, navigators, mariners, pioneers and extreme sports enthusiasts, rather than the pointless costumed handbag ornaments the Internet would have us believe.

Pug Rapids is a brand new original game for Apple iOS and Android devices, from Bitesize Games, a new publishing label from Dundee’s Outplay Entertainment.

Pug Rapids_Icon_1024x1024The game is based upon the aquatic control of the world’s favourite goggle-eyed, squash-faced pointless pets – pug dogs. For the first time (we hope) Pug Rapids allows pet owners and players to discover what would happen should pop-eyed pedigree pooches by stuffed into a rubber ring and dropped into a fast-flowing river – WITHOUT intervention from pet owners, dog lovers, the RSPCA and outraged river guides.

The further down the river you manoeuvre your troll-like be-rubber-ringed mans-best-friend, the more points you score. The more points you score, the less likely it is your soggy pug will be fired at the screen of your phone, sliding down in a deluge of slobber and misery.

Screen05_568x568You can even collect coins to help nurse your mutely terrified snuffling hound through years of expensive therapy and life-long fear of waterfalls, rapids and fireworks.

Awww, who can wesist da widdle puggy wuggy? You want the pug! Where’s the pug? Go on, find the pug!  Yes, you. Go on. Good [boy/girl]. Yes you are. Yes YOU ARE. Go on, contwol the puggy wug. You contwol the puggy wug dog. Soggy doggy. Yes, you’re a soggy dog.

Oh. Piranha.

Pug Rapids is OUT NOW for both iOS and Android.

It’s FREE.


Go on, get the puggy wuggy doggy woggy woo! You know you want to…

Pug Rapids (iOS) – FREE

Pug Rapids (Android) – FREE

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