OUT NOW – Inceptional’s Exceptional Offer – Games For Free

OUT NOW – Inceptional’s Exceptional Offer – Games For Free

LogoEdinburgh’s Inceptional has released it’s latest title, iLectronz for Google Play and the Apple App Store. And to celebrate, has made all of it’s games FREE!

iLectronz is described as a bit like a vertical Pac-Man, only different. Demanding precise hand/eye coordination and reflexes like an electronic cat, which has had lots and lots of fizzy digital pop, iLectronz is OUT NOW for iOS AND Android devices.

In addition, Inceptional has made the rest of its catalogue of games FREE. That’s free as in beer, exonerated political leaders, speech, buying one item and receiving another at no cost and prisoners of war who have successfully jumped a barbed wire fence into Switzerland.

screen320x480And they mean FREE too. There’s no in-app purchases and no adverts. You, the player, are free to enjoy the game without any thought of crass commercialism, or spending money. Unless you are playing the games in a massive queue while purchasing Christmas presents. In which case, why not introduce your family, friends, neighbours, colleagues and fellow shoppers to the delights of Inceptional games, such as:

  • Light Hero (Clean up the universe like an enormous ‘laser’ wielding sheriff of ULTIMATE DOOM)
  • Santa Saga (perfect for those holiday periods where another minute in the company of your family, or round of Monopoly might cause you to snap and go on a messy rampage with a HOT TURKEY BASTER)
  • Tap To Flap (discover the secrets of gravity itself and usher in a new era of LIMITLESS POWER)
  • iLectronz (A bit like a vertical Pac-Man ONLY DIFFERENT)

All of these, brothers and sisters, can be yours, for no money whatsoever. None. You can download and play them with a conscience as clear as an unmuddied lake, sir. As an azure sky in deepest summer. You can rely on me, sir…

No crasting. Go then and pluck these fruits from a tree, as it might be. Or App Store or such. For they are there to be played.

Image1Light Hero (iOS) – FREE

Light Hero (Android) – FREE

Santa Saga (iOS) – FREE

Santa Saga (Android) – FREE

Tap To Flap (iOS) – FREE

Tap To Flap (Android) – FREE

iLectronz (iOS) – FREE

iLectronz (Android) – FREE

Smash Doors (Android) – FREE

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