Research – Data – Business: A Request

Research – Data – Business: A Request

glasgowuniLadies and gentlemen, we work in an industry which suffers from a lack of research and hard data. The size of the games industry in the UK is not yet clear, the number, type and genre of releases from UK companies is not captured and attempts to put the games sector in context with the wider creative industries has had… dubious results.

To that end, the SGN has been working with a Scottish researcher for the last several months, to help her work exploring the evolution of Scotland’s games industry.

Helen Mullen is a PhD researcher at Glasgow University. She is doing some research for her PhD about the business models used by video games development firms, particularly the influences on, and challenges of, successful adoption of work for hire and/or original game development. She plans to share the results with the industry next year.

She is currently contacting owners/directors of companies throughout Scotland. She’s already spoken to several, but she needs a really good broad spread of companies, young and old.

If you are able to spare an hour to meet her, it would be hugely useful. All information is treated in confidence (even SGN doesn’t see it) and any data that is subsequently published is anonymised to ensure that no companies or individuals are identifiable.

If you have not yet spoken to Helen, would like to take part, or need more information, please contact Helen directly:

Do PLEASE help her out ladies and gentlemen. This is an amazing opportunity to generate some research of real value to the games sector, which has never been captured before.


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