OUT NOW – Alien Creeps TD

OUT NOW – Alien Creeps TD

Alien_Creeps_TD_LogoScotland has done quite well in the popular ‘tower defence’ genre in the last few years. Ninja Kiwi’s monkey-based Bloons TD hit several Best Games lists, while Lucky Frame’s Bad Hotel walked off with a BAFTA and Cobra’s underrated iBomber Defense and iBomber Defense Pacific were classics of the genre.

Now there’s a new kid on the block. A hideous, betentacled kid, who wants to see mankind disintegrated, destroyed and enslaved in their sinister Unobtanium mines.

While we here at Scottish Games Network welcome our new mucophile overlords, we understand those of you who would rather fight than collaborate. To help you do so, Outplay has released Alien Creeps TD.

The game is now available to download free on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Outplay tells us that the game features:

high-octane and fast-paced action with lots of powerful player interactions.

Which is awesome because you can’t stop a powerful alien attack if you don’t have powerful player interactions. Indeed it’s those weak player interactions which made those filthy extra terrestrials think they could have a pop at mankind in the first place. So powerful player interactions it is. All of them. All the power. All the time.

ACTD_Promo02_2048x1536In a moving speech delivered to the few remaining human pilots from the back of a pickup truck at the Secret Area 51 airfield, Outplay President, Richard Hare, told humanity:

The unique features, co-op play, and overall slick visuals we’ve crammed into Alien Creeps TD makes it one of the coolest tower-defense games available in the free-to-play arena. Outplay Entertainment continues to bring high-quality mobile game experiences packed full of fun social features and Alien Creeps TD is the latest example of our ongoing mission to deliver engaging, free and innovative games.

He then delivered a V for Victory sign, grabbed his helmet (call sign ‘Blaster’) from ground crew, grinned at the crowd, threw a cheeky salute and climbed into the cockpit of his F22 Raptor, before roaring off to take down the mothership.

ACTD_Screen02_ActionThe creepy scientist who played Data in Star Trek then handed us a briefing paper, outlining the Key Features of Alien Creeps TD Including:

• Three different game modes to test your creep-blasting skills

• Over 50 insane challenges to complete

• 25 explosive 2 minute rounds optimized for mobile gameplay

• 60 adrenaline-pumping achievements to unlock

• 50 mighty towers to strategically build, place, and upgrade

• Powerful Hero characters to employ to aid in your defense

• Reinforcements and airstrikes to share with your friends

Yeah, we thought he got killed by the alien as well, but there you go…

ACTD_Screen07_TeslaAlien Creeps TD is OUT NOW. It is free-to-play.

Do not let us go quietly into the night. Please don’t let us vanish without a fight. We have to live on!

Now, dispatch war rocket Ajax to bring back his body!

Alien Creeps TD (iOS) – Free

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