Petition: Bring the GTA Soundtrack To iTunes

Petition: Bring the GTA Soundtrack To iTunes

gta ostThe Internet. Haven of democracy. Tool of freedom. The single greatest information tool in the history of humanity. A series of pipes.

It’s a great thing. It allows us to communicate more openly. It enables us to chuckle at kittens. It ensure game developers are kept informed about just how much gamers love and appreciate them.

It also allows consumers of popular entertainment to communicate with the creators of that entertainment and like Oliver Twist, ask for a little more.

Specifically more Grand Theft Auto music.

On iTunes.

Without the DJs.

A new petition is asking for just that…

This petition asks Rockstar Games to release the original radio tracks created for Grand Theft Auto 1 and 2 on iTunes. The soundtrack to the first two Grand Theft Auto games consist mostly of tracks that were created by the Rockstar North (formerly DMA Design) audio department, under the names of various fictional bands. The individual tracks have never been released outside of the game, and thus are only available to the public in the form of game-rips. It would be very kind of Rockstar to make the full versions of these tracks available in high quality without any radio station interferences.

Obviously this is a petition of excellent taste and values. Though we’d argue with the notion that the radio station idents are ‘interferences’. It took bloody ages to write them…

sideways hank o malleyBut the sentiment is one we entirely endorse. For too long, the world has been unable to truly enjoy the genius of Stikki FingerzFour Letter Love, or Sideways’ Hank O’Malley & The Alabama Bottle Boys’ Ballad Of Chapped Lips Calquhoun.

All of the music in the very first Grand Theft Auto was written and performed in-house by DMA Design’s audio department, alongside a line-up of talented guest musicians, but cleverly, we pretended it was all licensed from up-and-coming (or long-forgotten) bands to make it seem more… legitimate.

How the world has changed!

Now you too can support the petition and add your name to the growing list of people who would like, nay DEMAND the release of this truly excellent music in a form which the youth of today can engage and twerk to.

Sign up.

Sign up.

Sign up.


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