OUT NOW – Gridlock For Windows And Mac OSX

OUT NOW – Gridlock For Windows And Mac OSX

gridlock-logoLadies and gentlemen, the Ludometrics team have dropped that ghetto blaster and are back once again like the renegade dancers you know them to be and are kicking it proper old school with their latest release: Gridlock.

Previously available as a limited edition 7″ on the OUYA and GameStick micro consoles, Gridlock has now dropped like a microphone onto the world’s favourite desktop computers.

And Ludometrics is keeping their shizzle real, bro. They’re got Gridlock busting out on the Humble Bundle store, where the hardcore and happening is on the frontline of the indie wave, man. Know what ‘m sayin’, yeah?

Now you can play in the big leagues, for some serious respect. Gridlock is all about the shmup. Shmup the things on the grid. Don’t let the grid things touch your ship, or the ship with hit the fan, bro. Move and fire and move and fire and move and fire. Double Tap. Bang! Plasma death blossom, dig?

Gridlock_Screen_0002You many have $1.99 problems, but a game aint one. Because with Gridlock that is ALL you need to pay, yeah? A dollar and 99 cents. That’s extremely reasonable!

‘splosions! It’s all about the ‘splosions and the shooting. Shmup, yeah? We love ‘splosions. You love ‘splosions! We all love turning aggressive geometric shapes into tumbling fragments of digital debris.

Gridlock lets you timewarp back to an era when it was all about your reflexes, your itchy trigger finger and your ability to avoid the perilous polygonal protagonists of the grid.

Gridlock_Screen_0004If you like shooting things. If you enjoy proving that you can dish out digital death with the best on the grid and if you want to save other innocent programmes from the MCP, then you need to sign up for Gridlock.

You can buy Gridlock directly from the Ludometrics, thanks to the rather neat Humble widget that allows you to download the game, DRM free, and pay via Paypal or Amazon Payments.

Your users salute you.

Gridlock_Screen_0003Gridlock (Windows/Mac OSX) – $1.99

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