Saddle Up – Eldevin Meet Mounts

Saddle Up – Eldevin Meet Mounts

Eldevin - ColourEldevin, everyone’s favourite free-to-play, Elgin-crafted, browser-based, but-now-desktop-too MMORPG, has been updated (release 1.17) and now, adventurers, warriors and players around the world will be able to enjoy the delights, comfort and speed  of their own personal mount.

Think ‘horsey’ but more eclectic and with a magic twist. So, magic carpets, wings, rotors, plasma disks and even rockets. The saving on carrots alone should mean the Eldevin economy could realise savings of up to 7% of GDP (Gold Dragon Production).

MountsReleasedWhile this may spell short-term difficulties for Eldevin’s agrarian sector, the farmers, crofters and associated rural trades can seek re-training to become unemployed alcoholics, footpads, bandits and other minor criminals which make the Eldevin countryside so rewarding for adventurers, heroes and those on quests looking for some fast experience points.

To pick up YOUR mount, visit the riding trainer in Eldevin City. The riding trainer will teach you the (tiered) mount skill. There are 3 levels of training, each level increasing your speed by 20% per level. The following 12 mounts are currently collectible :

Crafted (crafted mounts are tradable)

  • Mystical Carpet (Tailoring level 40)
  • Blackwing (Leatherworking level 40)
  • Green Whirlygig (Armorsmithing level 40)


  • Arcane Disc (1 gold)
  • Zorskaar (250 gold)

Eldevin Points

  • Red Whirlygig (1000 EP)
  • Enzio Rocket (2500 EP)


  • Valor Disc (5000 valor points)

World Drops (clues where to get these in the names!)

  • Plasma Disc
  • Wings of Zephyr
  • Azraq Carpet

Achievement Reward

  • Emerald Wings (collect 10 mounts)

eldevin - screenshot_44In addition, the game features an infinite sack of holding of updates, including:

  • A new mounts tab has been added to the Eldevin Market.
  • New rare weapons which have randomly generated attributes have been added to many loot tables.
  • Trash drops in level 40 and 45 dungeons have been replaced with new components required in the crafting of mounts.
  • Newly learned spells will highlighted if they appear on the spell bar.
  • Improved logic for random rolls for group loot.
  • Added link to the login page if you’ve lost your password.
  • Added confirm message when un-equipping bags.
  • Changed the names of all pet scrolls. They have changed from “Scroll of Summon [PET NAME]” to “Pet: [PET NAME]” similar to emotes. Mounts have also been named using this convention.
  • The Chests of Gold in the Eldevin Market now provide better value.
  • Coins dropped by creatures have been increased slightly.

You can find and play Eldevin – via your web browser, or using the new desktop client – here.

Eldevin (Windows/Mac OSX/Linux) – Free

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