Win £25,000 To Develop Your Next Game

Win £25,000 To Develop Your Next Game

IC tomorrow, is offering four businesses up to £25,000 each to encourage digital innovation in entertainment on the move across music, books, magazines and interactive entertainment/games. The organisation is looking for innovative commercial solutions that meet broad objectives, set in conjunction with industry partners

  • BPI (British Recorded Music Industry)
  • PA (Publishers Association)
  • PPA (Professional Publishers Association)
  • UKIE (UK Interactive Entertainment)
The games and interactive challenge is to help to drive further innovation in how consumers experience games and interactive entertainment on the move.
From the IC Tomorrow website:
Digital interactive technology is changing the way we consume and experience interactive entertainment and games on the move. It is linking the gaming experience to everyday leisure activities, such as fitness and exercising, as well as travel.
Applicants may wish to consider creating digital technology and content that enhances the experience for users and increases demand for games and interactive entertainment on the move. They may also consider more innovative ways of using location/GPS-enabled technology, wearable-tech, haptic feedback, cloud-enabled gaming, (motion) sensors,
geo-caching, augmented reality and virtual reality technologies. Or they might help to make interactive entertainment on the move more engaging or educational.

Each successful applicants will retain their intellectual property, and also:

  • gain from exposure to a range of industry partners
  • be able to test their proposed application or service with a relevant industry partner
  • be able to promote their solution via the IC tomorrow programme
  • receive support in resolving delivery issues related to the proposed solution.

The games challenge is outlined below:

Digital interactive technology is influencing how we do everything in our lives, in both work and play.  We can access digital technology and play games 24/7 and from practically anywhere on a wide range of devices and platforms.

This is an exciting area that is changing the way that we experience and consume interactive entertainment and games on the move and is linking the gaming experience to more everyday on–the-go leisure activities like fitness and exercising or the act of travel in itself.

The aim of this challenge is therefore to help to drive further innovation in the interactive entertainment space with a new development in technology, middleware, software, a game or hardware that can help to push the boundaries of how people experience games and interactive entertainment on the move.

Possible areas which applicants might wish to consider include creating digital technology and content that:

    • enhances the experience and increases demand for games and interactive entertainment on the move whether on foot or tied to specific modes of transport
    • facilitates more innovative ways of using current technologies such as location/GPS enabled technology, wearable-tech, haptic feedback, cloud enabled gaming, (motion) sensors, geo caching, augmented reality and virtual realit
    • helps to make interactive entertainment or games that are played on the move while exercising or when traveling more engaging or educational.

Applicants should also give consideration to the type of trial partner with whom they would like to trial their proposed solution. This may be a games publisher, a format holder/platform/middleware provider, an interactive entertainment/games related service, device/hardware manufacturer etc. Ukie and its members, which includes digital and business development representatives from the leading UK interactive entertainment companies, will then help to facilitate an appropriate industry partner(s) with whom the successful applicant’s solution will then be trialed for a minimum period of up to three months. The winning applicant will retain their intellectual property.

Applications close at 12pm on Tuesday 29th of July. So you have 20 days to come up with something clever.

A briefing event was held in London several weeks ago. You can watch a recording of the session here.

You can apply online here.

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