OUT NOW The Prettiest Ribbon

OUT NOW The Prettiest Ribbon

Snakes. On a cube. We missed this when it was originally released, but Scotland’s Pocket Starship has found an original new twist on the classic and ubiquitous Snake.

It’s on a cube. You wind your way around each of the six sides and pick up food. Your snake gets longer. It’s a simple twist, but it’s one that works incredibly well. As levels progress, obstacles and barriers start to impede your progress.

ribbon7There are 32 levels in The Prettiest Ribbon and even a split screen mode allowing you to compete against a friend, colleague, chum or competitor.

It doesn’t get any simpler. It’s also excellent.

The Prettiest Ribbon is available now for Windows PCs.

You can download it here for FREE, though there’s a Tip Jar on the Pocket Starship website. Please use it.

The Prettiest Ribbon (Windows) – Free

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