Blazing Griffin Announces Dino Tribes

Blazing Griffin Announces Dino Tribes

Dino Tribes SplashDinosaurs – terrible lizards. Lords of the earth and dominant vertebrates for over 135 million years.  From the placid Amphicoelias, which was noted for being thin at either end of it’s extraordinary length of up to 60m (200ft) and considerably thicker in the middle, to the bitey savagery of the Tyranosaur, these are some of the most successful animals ever to have lived on this green Earth.

When not contentedly munching upon leafy vegetables, chasing chaoticians, stalking annoying children or unexpectedly breeding, dinosaurs were very fond of puzzle games.  Indeed many leading scienceticians theorise that if dinosaurs had only played more puzzle games, they may have been to ignore the apocalyptic asteroid impact which ultimately brought about their demise.

Soon you will be able to help mankind avoid the fate of the dinosaurs, thanks to Dino Tribes a new game from Edinburgh’s Blazing Griffin.

The game introduces Dino Mike.  A dinosaur called Mike, who must travel through a world of jurassic peril, saving his fellow dinosaurs and pondering the future for his bucolic leaf chewing chums and their ferocious fast-moving predator pals!

Dine Tribes features classic match-3 gameplay, something even the dinosaurs would find fun, but introduces a unique movement mechanic, which allows the player to move entire rows and columns with their mighty dinosaur strength. Play single player and online multiplayer games against friends.

Dino Tribes features special and ultra tiles, giving big game bonuses and Mesozoically massive monster wins.

Dino Tribes is due for release on Windows devices summer 2014, with other platforms to follow.  The game will be free-to-play with in-app purchases.

For more information, follow Dino Tribes on Facebook or Twitter.  Or visit Blazing Griffin’s website, Facebook page or Twitter account.

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