Glasgow Mobile Breakfast Rises from Hibernation

Glasgow Mobile Breakfast Rises from Hibernation

Like a cute, unnaturally passive, animated bear with a calendar conflict, WeeWorld are opening their doors once more to developers and business leaders working in the mobile space to talk trends, tech and business with the rest of the industry in Scotland.


When? – Friday, 14th of March
Where? – 19 Blythswood Square, Glasgow
How? – RSVP Here

While Glasgow Mobile Breakfast is a stark contrast in scale to the wide open, high stakes floor of GDC in Hipsterland, San Fran – it’s visitors benefit from some frank and inciteful discussion around all different areas; from marketing, platform trends, monetisation, to game mechanic design and (if you bring your prototypes along) playtesting and pitching advice.

The discussion really tends to go wherever you and your fellow attendees want it to go, so make sure to fire an email to WeeWorld CEO Ceila Francis with your thoughts about what’s going on in your little bubble, and you might find that’s on a lot of other people’s minds as well.

Still not interested? Okay then… There’s Munchies. It’s like a Greggs branch opened up shop in the middle of a board room. They’ve also got a really fancy filter coffee machine…

glasgow mobile breakfast march 2014

RSVP on Eventbrite. Put your social reputation at stake and give it a wee like and a tweet while you’re at it. And if you’ve got something to show off, we’d love to try and break it check it out!

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