Give Game Of Glens The Go!

Give Game Of Glens The Go!

Ruffian’s Game Of Glens is in the final throes of Square Enix’s new Collective crowd-sourcing programme.  The game is one of three titles which may receive funding and publishing through the Final Fantasy/Tomb Raider publisher.

Visitors to the Square Enix website can vote for one of three projects they’d like to see proceed to full production and release.  Game Of Glens is up against a couple of rather… generic looking titles.  A top down adventure game and a mech-based RPG.  Game of Glens on the other hand offers players the chance to take charge of a Scottish clan and lead them into battle, building structures, managing resources and competing in a variety of highland game type events including, of course, kicking pigs, and hoofing haggis…

GameOfGlensLogoSingle and multi-player modes allow players to play on their own, or compete against, friends, family, loved ones, factions in opposing governments, chancellors, or anyone who dares dare the might of the highland clans.  Game of Glens offers a range of experiences from construction and combat to collecting stuff you need.

Game of Glens would be one of the very few games ever to appear which celebrates the character and folklore of medieval Scotland.  It needs your votes.  There are only SIX days to go until the vote ends and Game Of Glens is falling prey to the global games industry’s obsession with wizrds, orcs and giant robots.

Voting is simple.  Register with the website and click on the Game Of Glens link.  It only takes a couple of minutes.  It would mean a Scottish company not only gets backing to create a new game, but it’s a humorous new look at Scottish culture, in a market which has very rarely had any sort of identifiable Scottish content of any kind.

GameOfGlens (7)Visit the Collective website and vote Game Of Glens.  Thank you.

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