VG247 Scotland, Issue 2 – Educating Scotland

VG247 Scotland, Issue 2 – Educating Scotland

VG247-Scotland-SizedVG247’s new regular column exploring the games industry in Scotland is now live and online.

In this edition, Educating Scotland, Dave Cook talks to Daniel Livingstone from the Digital Design Studio at Glasgow School of Art and Gregor White, the director of Academic Enterprise at the university of Abertay.

In addition there is an interview with Too Easy Games and the latest news round-up from across Scotland.

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 13.49.32If you’ve not taken the time to watch any of the previous issues, we’d strongly recommend them.  This is a unique opportunity for the games sector in Scotland to show the rest of the world the diversity, experience and expertise it has to offer.

You can help to make this even more successful.  Click through to read the article.  Share the link with your colleagues and friends.  Copy it onto Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  If we can make this column one of the site’s most popular, then it secures its future and gives us all a valuable channel to build Scotland’s reputation in the games world.

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