Lub vs Dub – Scottish Game Jam Winner Gets Picked Up By Apple & Starbucks U.S.

Lub vs Dub – Scottish Game Jam Winner Gets Picked Up By Apple & Starbucks U.S.

Lub Vs Dub StarbucksIf you’ve been inside a Starbucks in the last several months, the chances are you’ll have seen the jazz-friendly coffee behemoth is now offering free apps.

Starbucks around the world now have regularly updated cards which offer recently caffeinated consumers the opportunity to download a new and sexy app for free.

Lub vs Dub, one of the games created in the 2013 Scottish Game Jam (part of the Global Game Jam), was chosen to be the Pick Of The Week in late December/early January across the US and Canada.

Jon McKellan from Futuro, the team behind Lub Vs Dub told us it’s been a pleasure watching the leaderboards explode with new players and the game is currently sitting on the app store with a very impressive 5 star rating.

If you’ve not yet checked out the game, now’s your chance.  It’s available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) priced at $0.99/£0.69 and is suitable for one or two players.

It’s a testimony to the Game Jam, that a title created by a small team in only 48 hours can go on to achieve this kind of global recognition and player happiness.

Congratulations to Futuro.  You can find out more about the game, follow Futuro online, or find them on Facebook, or Twitter.

The 2014 Scottish Game Jam is looming.  We’ll have more information for you real soon now…


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