Tigerface Nominated In iKids Awards

Tigerface Nominated In iKids Awards

tigerface logoEdinburgh’s Tigerface has been nominated in the annual iKids awards.  The competition created to recognise the world’s best interactive products designed for children.

The company’s  Cosmic Reactor game, has been nominated in the Best Learning App for Tablets category.

Cosmic Reactor challenges  two players with lightning fast maths questions, has already picked up an editor’s choice award from the Children’s Technology Review.  Now it’s running against entries from Nickelodeon, Disney Interactive and the Jim Henson Company.

Kate Ho, the founder and managing director of Tigerface told the Scotsman:

We’re the first and, as far as I know, the only company that specialises in collaborative learning, where you have two or more children on the same iPad.

It’s so important because it forces critical thinking and problem solving – there’s that element where the kids have to explain things to each other.

We’ve been tracking the growth in iPads in schools and more generally for a while. As they are collaborative, these are games that cannot be played on a PC. They’re unique to the iPad and take real advantage of it.

CosmicReactorLogoJune21Winners will be announced at the iKids conference, which takes place in New York on February 13th.

Congratulations to the Tigerface team and our fingers are crossed for you.

Cosmic Reactor is available for iPad and costs $2.99/£1.99.  Get it while it’s hot…

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