Going For Greenlight…

Going For Greenlight…

Steam GreenlightTwo Scottish game developers now have games up on the Steam Greenlight system – and they need your help.

For our non-games industry readers, Steam Greenlight is a new crowd sourcing project on Valve’s hugely popular (65 million users worldwide) Steam digital distribution system, which allows gamers to vote for the new games they would like to see on the platform.

There’s also a whole new generation of games platforms coming to the market called Steam Boxes, which combine the hardware of a PC with the convenience of a console…

Back to the developers.  Hunted Cow has started a campaign to bring its massively-multiplayer online role-playing game, Eldevin to Steam, while Psychotic Psoftware is looking for support for its new shoot-em-up Power Up.

If you’ve not come across these games before, they’re worth checking out – and they could surely use your support.

Eldevin is a new take on the MMORPG genre, which puts players at the heart of a kingdom on the edge of civil war.  Eight years in the making, Eldevin offers players worldwide the chance to compete, collaborate and explore the kingdom of Eldevin through their web browsers.  Hunted Cow now plans to create a stand alone java version of the game, allowing Steam’s 65M users to join the quest.

Power Up is a horizontally-scrolling shoot-em-up, created originally for Xbox Live Arcade.  The game’s been praised for its slick controls and rpg-like weapons upgrades.  Paying homage to classic arcade titles including R-Type (Blood Money?) it features a wide range of ships, titanic end-of-level bosses and plasma/laser-based death in terrifying amounts.

steamworkshop_collection_1387467284_collection_brandingYou can support both games and help them reach the steam-based millions.  You’ll need a Steam username and password, but you can sign up for free and you’ll have the eternal gratitude of both Psychotic Psoftware and Hunted Cow (and powerful allies for your own future projects).

SteamLogoYou can find and vote for Eldevin on Greenlight here.

You can find and vote for Power Up on Greenlight here.

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