BAFTA Scotland – New Talent Awards – Call For Entries

BAFTA Scotland – New Talent Awards – Call For Entries

BAFTA new-talent-white-10931The call has gone out for entries for the BAFTA Scotland New Talent Awards.  This is a competition exclusive to Scotland, which is open to new creators and practitioners – students, new teams, start-up companies and the like.

It allows those starting out in the screen industries to have their talent and creativity recognised before they have the CV, experience and projects under their belt that most competitions and awards demand.

There is, of course, a games category.  It covers any platform and any type of game – from those created for a college or university course, to games jam entries, personal projects, or your studio’s first release.

The games not have to have been ‘released’ to qualify for entry.

Entries are £20 each.  The entry period runs from Monday 16 December 2013 until Monday 13 January 2014 at 5pm.

You can enter your games here.

This is a unique opportunity for new games creators and one which can give a new team a huge benefit when starting out – A BAFTA…

We can’t recommend this competition enough.  If you’re studying games, making games at home, entering the 2013 Scottish game jam, or just starting out in the games world, this is a great competition to be a part of.

Previous winners include Dapper Hat in 2013 for their Dare to be Digital project: Mr Montgomery’s Debonair Facial Hair (released earlier this year by Hunted Cow) and Team Tickle, for their iPad game Sculpty

Go on, enter.  You can win a BAFTA…

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