2013 – A Year In Releases

2013 – A Year In Releases

2013 has been quite a year for the games industry in Scotland.  From GTA V breaking all records to become the biggest entertainment launch in human history, to the brand new development team Things Made Out Of Other Things scooping the BAFTA Scotland award for their first title, Coolson’s Artisanal Chocolate Alphabet, it’s been a busy year for game creators.

We thought it would be nice to give you a quick rundown of the games which were released over the last twelve months and show the scope and diversity of the games industry in Scotland.  We’ve compiled this from our own updates, from the people we’ve met this year and the games we know were released.

If you know of any titles – or awards – we’ve missed, please let us know.  So, without any further ado and in vaguely chronological order.  Here are the games released by Scottish games companies in 2013.  Complete with LIVE LINKS to each and every one (wherever possible) because we care – and you feel that…

UPDATED [04/04/14] Added Lub Vs Dub winning BAFTA New Talent Award

UPDATED [21/01/14] Added new releases from YoYo Games, Binary Pumpkin, Dave Sapien & Deace Games

Total number of games: 93

Santa Saga (iOS/OSX) Inceptional

Christmas Bingo (iOS/Android) Binary Pumpkin

Ducky Fuzz (iOS/Android) Smiling Bag

Winx Fairy School (iOS) Tsumanga

APB Retribution (iOS) Blazing Griffin/Reloaded Productions

Moshi Monsters Village (iOS) Tag Games

Eldevin (web browser) Hunted Cow

Wild Wordsearch (iOS/Android) Binary Pumpkin

Jackpot! (board game) Joyride Games Funded via Kickstarter

This Way Down (iOS) Ludometrics

Moshi Monsters Music (iOS) Denki

Monster Force 5 (browser) Denki

Topsy & Tim: Fun Around The House (browser) Chunk

Solar Flux (iPhone/Android Phone/Android Tablet/iPad/PC/Mac/Linux) Firebrand Nominated for TIGA Games Award

Mr Montgomery’s Debonair Facial Hair (iOS/Android) Dapper Hat/Hunted Cow Winner of BAFTA New Talent Award 2013

Civil War: 1862 (iOS) HexWar/Hunted Cow

Pet Roulette (Android) Nevistech

Gentlemen! (Windows/Mac/Linux/iPad/Android/Ouya) Lucky Frame

Fire Escape (iOS) YoYo Games

Tolva’s Shapes (iOS) Me And The Giants

Tolva & Ting Moods (iOS) Me And The Giants

Tolva’s Ting Toy (iOS) Me And The Giants

Tolva & Ting Count Me (iOS) Me And The Giants

Tolva & Ting Guide (iOS) Me And The Giants

Pocket Garden (iOS) Cobra Mobile

Bad Hotel (Windows/Mac) Lucky Frame Winner of BAFTA Scotland Games Award 2012 (iOS)

Mr Shingu’s Paper Halloween (iOS) Stormcloud Games

Halloween Bingo (iOS/Android) Binary Pumpkin

Sock Monster (iOS) Ludometrics

9.03m (Windows) Space Budgie

Squares Of Black Space (browser/Windows Phone 8) Pixel Sword

Wolfblood 2: Leader Of The Pack (browser) Chunk

GTA V (Xbox 360/PlayStation 3) Rockstar North Biggest entertainment launch in the history of mankind. Multiple Awards

I Am Level (iOS/Android/browser) Smiling Bag

Ancient Battle: Rome (iOS) HexWar/Hunted Cow

Gridlock (Ouya) Ludometrics

X-Orbtek II (Xbox Live/PC) Oxygen Addict

Square Match Go (Windows Phone) Pixel Sword

Mr Shingu’s Paper Zoo (iOS) Stormcloud Winner TIGA Games Award, Nominee BAFTA Scotland Games Award

iBomber Defense (PlayStation Network) Cobra Mobile

Trick Or Treat (Windows phone) Oxygen Addict

A Really Hard Maze Game (iOS/Android/Online/Windows/OSX) Dave Sapien

Lub Vs Dub (iOS) Futuro Games Winner of 2013 Scottish Games Jam, Invited to become Apple/Starbucks promo card download, Dec 2013. Winner of BAFTA New Talent Games Award 2014.

Monster Legacy (iOS) Outplay

Coolson’s Artisanal Chocolate Alphabet (iOS) Things Made Out Of Other Things Winner BAFTA Scotland Games Award 2013

Uberthon (browser) Gamevial

Staking Claims (Android/browser) Guerilla Tea

Sky Without Sun: Target (iOS/Android) Made With Numbers

PooBarr (iOS) Dave Sapien

Prongg! (iOS/Android) Binary Pumpkin

Wetware (Windows/OSX/Linux) Reality Council

Pyramus (iOS) Hunted Cow

Chock-A-Block (iOS) Claymore Games

Dungeon Smash (Xbox Live) Haiku Interactive

Other (iOS) Quartic Llama/National Theatre Of Scotland

AAA Bingo (iOS) Binary Pumpkin

The Legendary Tales Of The Heroic Dan McSpikerton (Android/Steam Workshop) Oxygen Addict

Winx Sirenix Power (iOS/Android) Tsumanga Studios

Sub Trub (iOS) Deace Games

Little Shocks (iOS) Siege Games

Stars & Stripes Bingo (Android) Binary Pumpkin

Minecraft (PlayStation 3) 4J Studios/Mojang

Impossible Road (iOS) Pixels On Toast Nominee BAFTA Scotland Games Award 2013, Runner-Up Apple Game Of The Year

Idol Words (iOS/Android) Outplay

Giv Galaxy (iOS/Android) Binary Pumpkin

HexStackIt (Windows/Facebook) Oxygen Addict

Unicorn Space Command (Windows/Android) Midnight Pacific

Cutant Mutant Invasion (iOS/Android) Flipware

Zeds (iOS) Chunk

On The Free Run (iOS) Guerilla Tea

Light Hero (iOS/OSX) Inceptional

Easter Bingo (Android) Binary Pumpkin

Road To Fame (Facebook) Ninja Kiwi

Hotel Vegas (iOS) Tag Games

Beano iPrank (iOS/Android) Guerilla Tea

Valentines Bingo (Android) Binary Pumpkin

Bitzkrieg (Xbox Live) Hebridean Productions

Invertical (Windows/browser) Oxygen Addict

Wave Trip (iOS) Lucky Frame

Food Run (iOS) Pixels On Toast

Tank Battle: North Africa (iOS) HexWar/Hunted Cow

Caedere (Android) Dave Sapien

Denki Blocks (browser) Denki

Pumpkin Bingo (Android/iOS/Nook/Kindle) Binary Pumpkin

Bips! (Facebook) Ludometrics

Vikings! Training School (browser) Quartic Llama

Lif (browser/Android) Gamevial

Namaball (browser/Android) Gamevial

ZX Plectrum (Android) Dave Sapien

X-Orbtek (Windows/Android/browser) Oxygen Addict

Russia’s Army (browser/Android) Gamevial

Team Tanks (browser) Gamevial

Fly Like A Bird 3 (browser/Android) Gamevial


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